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Greetings dA,

A few of you may remember me as katiebowdridge, a username I used on here for 5 years, or katie-doll, which I used for probably 2 years before that. After having to delete/hide my online presence due to a certain career path, I decided I couldn't live under such strict regulations, and so, here I am. (Unfortunately, after the 30 day reactivation limit!) Over time I will try to re-find the friends I made, while hopefully making more, and might even re-upload what I feel are the best of my old poems and photographs, while creating more to share. Mostly, I just wanted to know I could go on here and just browse through and favourite all of the great stuff. I missed it here.

Because I was able to password protect it, much of my old writing can still be found on my blog, although all photographs, along with the more controversial poems, were removed.

Thanks for dropping by! It sure feels good to be back.